• Angie


    I do things and I don’t do things.

  • The Grommet

    The Grommet

    We launch Makers' undiscovered products & help them succeed. Discover What's Next.

  • Linda Lowen

    Linda Lowen

    Once upon a time I stopped going to cocktail parties because I hated trying to impress people in 90 seconds or less. Same with brief online bios.

  • Robin Gorman Newman

    Robin Gorman Newman

  • Rebekah S.

    Rebekah S.

  • CEH


    20 years of protecting families from toxic chemicals

  • Jonathan Menon

    Jonathan Menon

    Writer. Editor. Facebook quitter. Hollywood addict. Lover of history, #feminism, kindness. #StarTrek #Bellarke #TaylorSwift I left my heart in the 1980s.

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